Sharing my thoughts, ideas and learnings

I've decided to start sharing my thoughts, ideas and learnings. Over the past 10 years, I've produced a novel's worth of scratch notes from my experiences designing products, developing software and growing companies. My aim is to solidify my learnings and ideas into a hopefully more digestible and shareable format.

This quote by Paul Graham in Putting Ideas Into Words explains it well:

You can know a great deal about something without writing about it. Can you ever know so much that you wouldn't learn more from trying to explain what you know? I don't think so. - Paul Graham

Writing isn't just about keeping a record of what you've learned. It's also a way to really think through your ideas and try to understand them better. When I write down my thoughts and learnings, it forces me to poke holes and find gaps in my knowledge.

I'm not just doing this to improve my writing. My hope is that other people will find my process useful or inspiring. It's important to teach and learn from each other. I'm happy to be starting this journey of discovery and learning, and I hope you'll join me.

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