Tech Stack

Software tools, applications and products I recommend and use daily.


  • Typescript

    TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language that builds on JavaScript. I highly recommend it over using JavaScript directly.

  • Next.js

    Next.js is a full stack framework built on top of React. I use it in all of my React projects (including this site).

  • Tailwind CSS

    Tailwind is an open source CSS framework. I use it for styling my projects and highly recommend it over using CSS directly.

  • Radix UI

    RadixUI is an open source component library optimized for fast development, easy maintenance, and accessibility.

  • Font Awesome

    Font Awesome is a font and icon toolkit based on CSS. I have been using it since their initial release in 2012.

  • Kysely

    Kysely is a type-safe SQL query builder for typscript. I use it query data from edge functions to my PostgreSQL databases.

  • Prisma

    Prisma is the best Typescript ORM. I use it to manage PostgreSQL database schemas in my projects.

  • Turborepo

    Turborepo is a high-performance build system for JavaScript and TypeScript codebases. I use it with all of my monorepo projects.

  • tsup

    tsup is a TypeScript library bundler with no config, powered by esbuild. I use it to bundle all my Typescript projects outside of Next.js.

  • ESLint

    ESLint is a static code analysis tool for identifying problematic patterns found in code. I use it in combination with Prettier to make sure my code is consistent.

  • Playwright

    Playwright is the most reliable tool for writing and executing end-to-end tests.


  • Github

    Github is the go to platform for hosting source code. I use it to host the source code for all of my projects.

  • Vercel

    Vercel is a cloud hosting platform designed for Next.js applications. Their platform is super easy to use, so I use it for all of my Next.js projects.

  • Cloudflare

    Cloudflare is a webhosting platform. I use it for managing DNS records, caching, sending emails, and security for all my web projects.

  • Supabase

    Supabase is an open source platform for managing PostgreSQL databases, auth, and storage.

  • Neon

    Neon is a fully managed Postgres that offers autoscaling, branching, and bottomless storage. I use it wheneverI'm not using Supabase.


  • Visual Studio Code

    VSCode is an open source code editor, with built in debugging, syntax highlighting, code completion, etc. I have it open every day and use it to write code for all of my projects and for note taking.

  • Cursor

    Cusrosr is an AI-first code editor, built on top of VSCode. I recently started using it in place of VSCode, as their model seems better than Copilot.

  • Tower

    Tower is a Git client for macOS. I highly recommend using it over using Git from the command line directly.

  • TablePlus

    TablePlus is a database client for macOS. I use to visualize my PostgreSQL databases and run one-off SQL queries.

  • Sentry

    Sentry is the best tool for error reporting and application performance monitoring. I set it up for all my projects, so I can find and fix bugs before my users can report them.

  • Figma

    Figma is a user interface (UI) design tool. I use it to design applications & marketing sites before writing any of the frontend code.

  • Stoplight Studio

    Stoplight Studio is an API design tool. I use it to design and mock APIs before writing any of the backend code.

  • Linear

    Linear is the best tool for project management. I use it to manage roadmaps and development tasks for all of my projects.

  • is a calendar scheduleing application. I use it to allow anyone to schedule time on my calendar.

  • Stripe

    Stripe is a suite of APIs for payment processing. I use it in all my projects that offer a subscription product.

  • Slack

    Slack is an instant messaging application. I use it to collaborate with others on projects.

  • Zoom

    Zoom is a video conferencing tool. I use it for all of my remote meetings. If you schedule a meeting with me, we will use this to chat.

  • ChatGPT

    ChatGPT is an AI chatbot trained by OpenAI. I use it to help me with marketing copy and to learn new things.


  • 16” MacBook Pro, M1 Max, 64GB RAM (2021)

    I use a MacBook M1 Pro - 16 for my daily work. It is more performance than I actually need, but I love it.

  • LG UltraFine 4K Display

    I stare at my LG monitor during the day. It has so many pixels, which makes it great for frontend development.

  • Apple Magic Trackpad

    I use the Apple Magic Trackpad when I am connected to my monitor. It is basically an extension of the laptop trackpad.

  • Apple AirPods Max

    I wear these headphones for most hours of the day (8+ hours). They are super comfortable and sound great. I acutally own 2 pairs after my first pair wore out.

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